Contractor Toolboxes

Toolboxes for the Hard Working Contractor!

As a manufacturer of heavy duty toolboxes for contractors, we know that making sure our boxes are designed not just to take daily abuse, but also built in a way that will make them last forever and always be your 'go to' toolbox as a contractor. We have such a wide variety of boxes, we know you'll find one or two that are just what you have been looking for. Need a toolbox for your service truck? We got that. For a pickup truck bed? We got that. For a van or flat bed? How about any type of trailer? Yep, we got all those too!

As a contractor, you have a wide variety of equipment and tools you need storage for.
You also need storage space for your essentials like screws, bolts, tie wraps, and all those 'must find quickly' items that you require specialized compartments for.
We take good care to use the latest technology and methodologies in fabricating our toolboxes. We can also fabricate a custom toolbox if you have a special sort of box in mind for your equipment or work vehicle. We use high tech laser cutting, premium steel, diamond plate, powder coat, and high quality aluminum to make our toolboxes.