Custom Toolboxes & Truck Boxes

As a manufacturer of high quality and heavy duty toolboxes and storage boxes for any kind of truck (or anything else for that matter), we know the importance of designing and building a box that is specific to your own needs and requirements.
After all, a custom made storage box or toolbox will not just have the correct dimensions for the space you require, but also the right size compartments, trays, drawers, doors, angles, locks, and even lights.

All our custom boxes are made super heavy duty tough, and employ the following:

-CAD (Computer Aided Design) software for a 3-D model of our boxes.
-Precision laser cutting.
-State-of-the-art welding proficiency.
-Raw materials include high grade steel, aluminum, and diamond plate.
-Strong powder coat coating and baking.
-Boxes are available in a variety of colors (ask us about your specific color).