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1A120 - Trim Gasket Side Bulb Seal (Push-on 90 Deg.) 5/8 OD Black (250' Rolls)

Retail Price: $2.16
Price: $1.56
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Trim Seals are all vinyl and rubber coated parts that give long-life protection against corrosion, noise and rattles. Flexible aluminum core that forms easily and quickly for a perfect fit to any contour without pulling or stretching and providing a rubber seal against any surface.

  • EPDM Sponge Rubber Bulb
  • Individual metal clips retain a permanent grip
  • Optional butyl adhesive sealant for stronger grip and to prevent seepage
  • Strong gripping tongue.
  • Durable PVC plastic trim.

    Description Sheet: http://www.truckbox.com/images/PDF24/DST1A120.pdf

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