Pickup Toolboxes

Did you know that the popularity of pickup trucks is mainly a North American phenomena? Pickups are rare in Europe because of narrow roads and high gas prices. According to Wikipedia, the pickup truck these days is used mostly to carry passengers.
Obviously pickup trucks can carry people and passengers.
And while that may be true, we know that there are plenty of trucks on the road being used for the rough and tumble world of hard work.
Pickup trucks are also great for hauling stuff. You can tow a trailer or camper, go 4-wheelin' down the back roads, help your friends move, load up the dog and kids, take junk to the local dump, add a camper shell, use it as a parade float, fill it with a ton of bricks, wood, or manure, or simply load up the luggage and go.

Pickup trucks are the perfect vehicle for the working man and woman.
Whether you use your truck for work or tasks around the house or farm, you need a place to keep your tools and equipment.
Storage boxes for pickup trucks, contractor vehicles, service and utility trucks, and also trailers is an important asset to have. The same can be said for semi's and farm equipment such as tractors and combines.
Below is a list of some of the tool boxes and storage boxes we have available for pickups, trailers, and work vehicles.

Our boxes come in metal, aluminum, diamond plate, and powder coated.
Have a specific color in mind for your toolbox? We can make it work!