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A-PC61 - 47"H x 57"D x 31"W - Aluminum HD Pickup Back Seat Cargo Storage Shelf System for Chevy Crew Cab 2019-2024 with 3 Shelves (Plain-W/FE Space) & Powder Coated X- Black Body Only

Retail Price: $5,711.00
Price: $4,283.53
  • SKUA-PC61-C-475731-S3BX
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A-PC61 - 47"H x 57" D x 31" W - Aluminum Super Heavy Duty Pickup Back Seat Cargo Storage Shelf System comes with 3 Shelves-2 adjustable (Plain No Coating-With Fire Extinguisher Space), and Powder Coated X- Black Body Only

Fits: Chevy Crew Cab 2019-2023


Use this Storage System Box to Store your Tools, Personal Gear and Miscellaneous Hardware you need for the Daily Job.

For Installation Instruction see our Installation Catalog

Description Sheet:
www.truckbox.com/images/PDF24/C-Page 70.pdf

47"Height x 57"Depth x 31"Width - Crew Cab
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