Semi Truck & Trailer Tool Boxes

Also known as an '18 wheeler', 'tractor-trailer' or 'big rig', semi truck and trailers are the lifeblood for the delivery and transportation of goods to the American household.
Although Wikipedia describes it rather dully and formally as "the combination of a tractor unit and one or more semi-trailers to carry freight", we know that semi's transport a variety of the things we need as a culture from food, autos, lumber, furniture, and just about anything imaginable.
There are a plethora of types and classifications for the semi trailer including flatbeds, car haulers, dry box, reefers (refrigerated), tankers, lowboys and many more. The trucker delivers whatever we require, and we sometimes forget the commitment and duty these semi drivers provide to us in the most cost efficient manner available.

Semi Manufacturers

There are several semi truck manufacturers in the United States. Some of the most well-known are:

Semi Truck & Trailer Tool Boxes

Step Tool Boxes - Semi Underbody and Truck Frame Box
Battery Boxes - Semi Battery Boxes with or without Steps and Grips
In-Frame Toolboxes - Mounted in Semi Truck Frame, with T-Handle Lock
Deck Plates - Semi Deck Plates with or without Lights
Top Chest Toolboxes - Top or Side of Semi Truck Frame or Semi Trailer
Rack Boxes - Mounted on Frame behind Semi Truck Cab, Storage for Tire Chains, Tools, Misc.
Underbody Semi Truck and Trailer Toolboxes - Mounted on Side of Trailer Frame, Under Trailer Deck, or on a Semi Tractor
Cargo Toolboxes - Mounted Crossways behind Cab or Trailer
Panel Storage Boxes - Livestock Trailer "winter panel" Storage Box

Our boxes come in metal, aluminum, diamond plate, and also powder coated.
Have a specific color in mind for your toolbox? We can help with that too.

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