Service Truck Toolboxes

Heavy duty work toolboxes for service trucks and trailers

If you are a contractor, tradesman, or service person, then you know the importance of having a reliable toolbox to have with you on any job. Not only do you want to keep your equipment, tools and supplies in a dependable storage box, but you also want to keep them safe. A service toolbox takes a lot of abuse. They will fall, get kicked around, or sometimes even thrown. Any toolbox will be opened and slammed shut multiple times during the day. Where would a service person, contractor, or tradesman be without their toolbox? Even more importantly, it’s essential to have separate compartments, drawers, and areas reserved for the special and assorted parts and tools that your specific trade requires. Knowing where each part is located, no matter how small or seldom used, is an important consideration too. Every service person on the job can recall a time or two when they were stuck out in cold weather, or a torrential rainstorm, a thunder storm or even worse. Finding what you need in a hurry not only saves you time, but it is sometimes imperative. Think about what you need the most, and what is most important to you, as you decide which type of toolbox you require. We have it all, from top mount to side mount, from underbody boxes to rail boxes, from behind the fender boxes to cross boxes. Whatever you need, we got it!

Any hard working person who uses their brains and hands all day will appreciate our toolboxes.

Our service truck toolboxes come standard with a t-handle locking system, to keep your equipment protected and secure. Made with heavy duty diamond plate, aluminum, steel or stainless steel, these boxes come with a finished powder coat for even more durability. You can get a toolbox with drop down or side opening doors, both single and double. Factor in exterior rain gutters to funnel away water, as well as quality made components, and you have yourself a toolbox that will last just about forever, and will stand the test of time. In fact, not only can you pick from one of our standard boxes, but we can custom make any type of toolbox you desire.

These boxes can be mounted in any half, three-quarter or 1 ton pickup truck bed, flatbed or trailer including a-frame and gooseneck trailers. They are great for over-the-road drivers too. Take a look around our site, and you will be impressed with the sheer number and high quality of the many different types and styles of boxes we have available.

Our toolboxes are made heavy duty and are made using:

-CAD (Computer Aided Design) software for a 3-D model of our boxes.

-Precision laser cutting. -State-of-the-art welding proficiency.

-Raw materials include high grade steel, aluminum, and diamond plate.

-Strong powder coating and baking.

-Boxes are available in a variety of colors (ask us about your specific color).