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DP10 - 1.375" H x 48" D x 34" W - Aluminum Semi Truck Deck Plate, All Diamond TP Bright Finish with Mounting Kit.

Retail Price: $525.00
Price: $393.75
  • SKUADP10-24834SP-TT
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Heavy Duty Deck Plate. Deck Plate is designed Heavy Duty for Stepping on or Standing on, making working on the back of your Semi-Truck easy. The Deck plate is easily mounted to the Semi-Truck Frame and is mounted behind the Cab.   

Comes with Mounting Kit M3100D. 

For Installation Instruction see our Installation Catalog:

Description Sheet: www.truckbox.com/images/PDF21/T-Page 9.pdf

1.375 Hight x 48 Depth x 34 Width
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