Truck Tool Boxes

Whether you own or drive a pickup truck or trailer, semi-truck or trailer, or a service or utility vehicle, you will find yourself needing a toolbox, cabinet, or box of some sort to hold your tools, supplies, machinery, gadgets and gizmos.

The very nature of needing a box or toolbox makes for an incredibly tough standard. Every box will take a certain amount of bashing and abuse. You may need to stand on it, throw it, move it, or simply bang the lid down several times a day.
You want your box to be the right size, have proper handles, appropriate compartments, and to last a lifetime.

At American Truckboxes LLC, we are a tenacious bunch of people. We've been around for over 25 years. We know how to make durable, strong and dependable toolboxes for the long term.
Here are some of the boxes we make for over-the-road drivers, construction crews and contractors, service trucks and vans, or guys with pickups:

Semi Truck and Trailer Boxes and Toolboxes

Step Tool Boxes
Battery Boxes
In-Frame Tool Boxes
Deck Plates
Top Chest Tool Boxes
Rack Tool Boxes
Underbody Tool Boxes
Cargo Tool Boxes
Panel Boxes

Trailer and Pickup Boxes and Toolboxes (Contractor Grade)

Drawer Utility Boxes
Top Side Mount Utility Boxes
Cross-Pack Service Boxes
Top Bottom Utility Boxes
Top Compartment Boxes
Tractor Drawer Boxes
Drawer Utility Cabinet Boxes
Pullout Bed-Pack Boxes
Chest Boxes - Fifth Wheel
Chest Boxes - Gull Wing
Chest Boxes - Multipurpose/Offset
Trunk Mate Boxes
Utility Boxes
Electric Enclosure Cabinets
Service Boxes
Tank Storage Service Boxes
A-Frame Boxes
Generator Boxes

Pickup Boxes and Toolboxes (Service Grade)

Cross Boxes (EZ-Grab)
Cross Boxes
Saddle Boxes
Side Boxes (EZ-Grab)
Side Boxes

Our boxes come in metal, aluminum, diamond plate, and powder coated.
Have a specific color in mind for your toolbox? We can make it work!