October 6th 2022: We love them by the way. I found them years ago and now we don't build a truck without them.

    I think we’ve had 12 trucks with them now. Thank you, Erin from Bob's Overhead Door

    May 13th 2022: It’s perfect! Thanks for your help.

    Just wanted to send you a picture of my box that is now mounted on my smoker. It’s perfect! Thank you, Nick

    Thank you, Raymond

    Dec 29 2021: I Wanted to send you a email with pictures of the new box you built for us. It fit perfectly between the cab and the flatbed body as we designed it. I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and workmanship of the box I will be dealing more with your company in the future! thank you again for making a high-quality product in the USA.

    Eric J, Johnson Pools & Spas LLC.

    Nov 10 2021: See picture for installation. The boxes did exactly what I wanted. They fit on my truck and I can still drive my golf cart into the bed of the truck. I thought you might want to see the picture. Eddie P, SC

    Sept 20 2021: I cannot thank you enough for the boxes that you made for me. I just installed them and they fit perfectly. The craftsmanship and your measurements were perfect. I am proud to display your logo on the side of my truck. It has been a great addition to my truck. Thank you again!!!!      Respectfully, Luis P., FL


    Sept 8 2021:  Good Morning! This is Jonathan. E.! You may recall who I am or not. You guys made me a custom box for my camping overland trailer build back in March! You even gave me a sponsorship discount. You’re products and craftsmanship is top notch for sure. I attached a couple pictures so you could see how it was applied. Thought you might enjoy seeing how we used it. Electrical on one side with hot water heater and the other side was a fridge slide. I have a requests for 2 cabinet style boxes for the sides. I will draw them up this week so there’s no confusion with just giving you measurement lol 

    Sept 3 2021: Thank you!  Idk if you’ve seen the finished build on that truck but I will attach a picture below. It has generated a lot of interest and I’ve sent probably 10-15 very serious buyers y’all’s way. I hope y’all get their business. Derek Dwyer, AR

    Truck Full Detail: www.truckbox.com\images\Videos\Dwyer.mov

    Nov 17 2020:  Hope all is well with you guys. I’m still working on the Land Rover trying to get it ready to see the world. All the Covid closure have kinda put a hold on the travelling so I’m just taking my time. I did finely find time to get up to Billings this week and install the tool boxes. I must say your product is hands down some of the best I’ve delt with. Amazing craftsmanship and we will definitely be recommending you as well as doing business in the future. Cheers, Ben S., Wy.

    Nov 12 2020:  I hope you are well.  We received the boxes and began mounting them.  They look great!  Thank you.  I put the check in the mail, yesterday.  We appreciate the quality product you fabricated for our working fleet.    Have a wonderful day. Dennis P.

    June 30 2020: The custom box arrived Thursday last week, and I installed it in the boat this weekend. I included a few pics of it installed. You'll see how the customised height matches the casting deck, and functions as wrap around additional seating. The box arrived wrapped incredibly well. 4 layers I think. There are dozens of small items needed on a boat. This box will keep everything neat and tidy, opposed to several plastic totes/boxes all over the place. It was worth the wait. Regards, Jim U., NJ.